Capitalized Terms used hereby without prior definition have the meanings given below :

"Customer" means a natural person, of age, acting for his personal needs and having the full legal capacity to commit to the present.

"Hotel" means the Hotel LAZ 'Hotel Spa Urbain, operated by the SASU HOTEL 17 MILAN with a capital of 30 000 €, whose registered office is at 3 Place de la Trinité, 35000 Rennes, registered at the RCS Rennes under the company registration number 815 237 599.


Contact Details of the Hotel are the followings :

LAZ’ Hôtel Spa Urbain
17 Rue de Milan
75009 Paris

The Hotel has the freedom not to receive guests who seem indecent or look neglected, customers with noisy or incorrect behavior, customers whose behavior is contrary to morality and public order.

The Customer agrees to use the room with the care of a reasonable person. The Customer must respect the peaceful character of the premises and use it in accordance with the established practice.

The Customer agrees to wear and behave properly while in the hotel's public areas.

The Customer accepts and agrees to render the accommodations in good condition. Any damage done to the room, the equipment of the Hotel or the common places may result in penalties. Furthermore, any behavior contrary to morality and public order will cause the Hotel to ask the Customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and / or refund if a payment has already been made. In the case where no payment has been made, the client will have to pay the price of the nights spent before leaving the establishment.


During the stay request, the booking is only considered as firm after a deposit or a credit card guarantee. We accept payment by holiday vouchers (ANCV), credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express) and by cash in Euros. We ask all persons staying in our establishment to present an identity document for the holiday voucher regulations (ANCV). In case you can not provide us with this document, we will be obliged not to accede to your room rental request.

The credit card used for a prepaid reservation must be presented upon arrival at the hotel. In the case of no-show and in the absence of a support form completed by the reservist upstream of the customer's arrival, the hotel will refund the debit card and a new payment will be issued on site.

The Hotel requires a security deposit of 150 € on arrival at the hotel to cover any extras (drinks at the bar, room service, shop etc.) or damage. This deposit can be paid by credit card or cash and will be returned to the Customer leaving. The hotel has the right to deny access to a guest who is not able to pay this guarantee.


We ask all our Customers to complete a police form whose model is set by joint order of the Home Secreatry, the Minister of Immigration and the Minister of Tourism: https: //www.service-public. en / individuals / vosdroits / F33458
People who booked through a travel agency must provide their voucher or digital voucher upon arrival.

The reservation must be in the name of the Customer. When the guest staying at the hotel is different from the guest who made the reservation, we ask for a proof of identity from the customer who made the reservation. Without proof, access to the room may be refused to the client.


There will be no refund. Indeed, in case of early departure, the stay is due in its entirety. Early departures cannot be reimbursed. Any modification and / or cancellation of stay must comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the fare chosen at the time of booking.

The no show is considered as an owed room and will be charged at 100%.

We do offer cancellation insurance or we advise you to buy one from your insurance company.


Access to the rooms is guaranteed from 3 :00pm. Check-out : it is necessary to leave the rooms not later than 12 noon. After this time, additional fees may apply up to an extra night.

In addition your room is planned for a certain number of people : to ensure the safety rules of the hotel you must not in any case accommodate additional people.

Babies and infants count for one person.



We remind you that the ban on smoking has come into effect in all public places since January 2, 2008. The hotel is a completely non-smoking area with the exception of outdoor smoking areas where ashtrays are provided for this purpose. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to smoke or vapot in the rooms for obvious reasons of safety and comfort. The customer will therefore be liable for the full costs of cleaning and restoration of the damaged item or space. If smoke or electronic cigarette smoke is detected in the room, a penalty of 150 euros will be charged to the registered credit card.

It is forbidden to use gas or electric appliances in rooms other than those made available (examples: stove, etc ...).


The cleaning of hotel rooms is done daily between 9am and 5pm. Please use the double-sided sign on the door of your room to tell the staff that it is possible to make your room. Hooked towels are not changed, if you want to replace your bath towels, drop it on the floor or in the shower. These towels should not be used outside the room.

In the case of improper fouling, an additional amount may be charged. The Customer will be held responsible for all direct and / or consequential damages, consecutive, of which he is the author, noted in the room reserved or that it could cause within the Hotel. As a result, he undertakes to compensate the Hotel for the amount of the said damages, without prejudice to damages and interest that may be due, procedural costs incurred by the Hotel.



Small animals (up to 15 kg) are accepted for a fee of 15 € per night and per pet but subject to conditions : be leashed in all common areas of our establishment and not be left alone in the room or any other room in the establishment. They are strictly prohibited in the pool. They are not allowed to ride on armchairs, beds or other furniture. The owners are responsible for their pet. They must do their natural needs outside the enclosure of the establishment (patio included).

X.    UNDER-18 (MINOR) 

In general, parents are responsible for their minor children. Minors are therefore the responsibility of the Customer, in the rooms and in the common areas.

The property does not accept bookings if all occupants of the room are underage. No minor can occupy a room without the presence of a person of full age.

The Hotel reserves the right to ask for an ID for minors accompanying adults for security purposes.

It is forbidden to run, to roll (skates, scooter, bike ...) or to shout in the establishment, day or night.


Breakfast is served in the lobby from 6:45am until 10:30am weekdays and from 8:00am to 12:00pm on weekends.

The supplement for having your breakfast in your room is 6 € per person.


The bar is open and welcomes you 7 days a week at any time of the day. We do not serve alcohol to minors under the age of 18, and children can not order alcoholic beverages for their parents or companions.

Room Service is available 24 hours a day.


A WIFI access (paying or not) allowing the Clients to connect to the Internet can be proposed according to the current Policy of the Hotel. The Customer agrees that the computer resources made available by the Hotel (fixed position made available to the Customer in the lobby) are not used in any way for reproduction, representation, making available or the communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or related rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without the authorization of holders of the rights provided for in Books I and II of the Intellectual Property Code when this authorization is required. If the Customer does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, he may be accused of an offense of infringement (Article L.335-3 of the Code of Intellectual Property), punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and three years imprisonment .

The Customer is also required to comply with the Security Policy of the Internet Service Provider of the Hotel, including the rules of use of the means of security implemented to prevent the unlawful use of resources and to refrain from any act undermining the effectiveness of these means.


The Reception declines any responsibility for your luggage or objects deposited in public places. Luggage storage is available at the Reception. A receipt will be given to you at each deposit, and will be recovered during the withdrawal of your items. The Reception is open 24 hours a day.

In case of loss or forgetfulness, the found objects must be deposited at the Reception. After your departure, you can have your omissions sent after payment of delivery fees.



The swimming pool is open every day, from 08:00am to 10:00pm and is reserved for guests. Guests not accommodated at the hotel may not have access.

The SPA space may need to be closed one hour during the day for maintenance. A sign indicates temporary non-availability of the SPA to customers.

Swimming is not supervised, you are under your own responsibility. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It is forbidden to dive, jump, run or use balloons, games and inflatable mattresses, with the exception of safety equipment for young children. Animals, shoes, food and drinks are strictly forbidden in the pool area. Only plastic water bottles are tolerated. Smoking is also prohibited throughout the SPA.

The SPA area being a space available to all clients, we remind that behaviors that may affect the decency of others are not tolerated and may lead to the expulsion of the establishment.

Wearing a swimsuit is mandatory throughout the SPA. Bermuda shorts and other clothes are banned. Thank you to respect the tranquility of other bathers.


Customer’s personal belongings left in the room of the Hotel, especially outside the safe or in the public areas of the Hotel are its entire responsibility. The Hotel can not be held responsible for the loss, theft, damage or damage to said effects.

A safe is available for each guest in the room. The Hotel declines all responsibility for the loss or theft of objects that have not been placed in this safe.

If an object is forgotten, it is the responsibility of the Customer to recover it.


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